Portfolio Management

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy seeks to maximize your gains and income while minimizing the risk involved, within your personal tolerances and goals. Our strategy has evolved as new investment vehicles have allowed for greater diversification and for global reach.

We work closely with you to create custom portfolios, using traditional stock and bond investments, along with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

As part of our strategy, all taxable accounts are actively managed to reduce or neutralize taxes when appropriate. You can be assured we do not utilize models in our investment strategy*, leaving you with the confidence of having a customized portfolio.

*When requested or for smaller accounts we may at times use ETF models. 

Custom Stock Selection

Asset Allocation


Income & Growth

Capital Preservation

Equity Strategy

The foundation of the Wealthstreet equity strategy focuses on companies that grow faster than the economy as a whole.

Your stock portfolio will typically hold a relatively concentrated number of securities and have a low turnover, meaning the number of buys and sells in the portfolio per year is low. While each portfolio manager has their area of expertise, investment ideas are shared among the entire Investment Team allowing us to select from a diverse range of stocks.

Fixed Income Strategy

Our fixed income strategy includes purchasing debt securities of short to intermediate maturities and often holding them to maturity. The use of fixed income instruments enhances current income and stability and provides diversity in asset allocation for your portfolio.

We may also utilize fixed income based ETFs, both U.S. and international, as well as other yield vehicles, like REITs and MLPs, to increase income.

Balancing tradeoffs between liquidity, principal safety, and income

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